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Nov 17, 2012 1:00pm EST
called up2us comes in. >> up2us was started because we know that kids all over america, particularly in our cities here, need sports. i mean, sports is such a fundamental part of growing up, and you learn so many values from sports that you take with you for the rest of your life. >> with help from the federal service program americorps, up2us started coach across america. so far, they've trained more than a thousand volunteers to be coaches in 25 states. ktrice mcneill was recently named their coach of the year. he really understands his players...because he was once in their shoes. >> it was really tough growing up in my neighborhood because they really didn't have any organized sports teams. everything was just surrounded by violence and just inner-city crime, so i wanted to find an outlet and something positive where i can be able to say i don't have to get involved with that so much and just i can do my own thing. >> coach mcneill not only turned his own life around, he's passing his positive attitude on to his players. >> ktrice is a very good coach. i look up to him in many di
Nov 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
come together to bring real change and big change to america. [ cheers and applause ] >> we imagine a better america, and then we work hard to make it happen. that's who we are. that's why i'm asking for your vote. and if you give me your vote, i promise you, you will always have a president who hears your voices. >> in the meantime, sandy unleashed her wrath of fury along the east coast after killing at least 66 people in the caribbean. the monster storm packed hurricane-strength winds, torrential rain, and caused massive damage as it ripped through north carolina, delaware, and up the seaboard through the new york city area. also, microsoft launching its new windows 8 operating system and surface tablet with a major redesign. this is the biggest overhaul of the tech giant's operating software in nearly 20 years. >> what we've done is actually reimagined windows, and we've reimagined, essentially, the whole pc industry. in addition to notebooks and desktops, we introduced the pc as tablet. >> the operating system will be available for pcs and tablets. for "teen kids news," i'm jenn
Nov 3, 2012 1:30pm EDT
. find your local food bank at for help. together, we're feeding america. i hope you find a home. i hope you find a home. hey, maybe you'll be picked next. maybe you'll be picked next. we've been caged together too long. we've been caged together too long. how come nobody ever picks me? maybe they're looking for somebody different. pick me! well, the shelter's closing up for another day. we didn't get picked. i know. tomorrow. guaranteed. 't the only place kids find drugs. sometimes they find them at home. you can help stop prescription drug abuse by safeguarding medications in your home, encouraging friends and family members to do the same. and asking your pharmacist how to dispose of medications you no longer need. >> this report is brought to you by orange county auto show. >> well, it's fall outside, but inside, it's all about the new season of auto shows. let's start by talking about a car that a lot of families, i think, will be interested in because it gets such great gas mileage. the all new kia optima, it's a hybrid. i like this car 'cause it doe
Nov 24, 2012 2:30pm PST
scouts of america is a partner in the national s.t.e.m. project. s.t.e.m. stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. >> i actually started in fifth grade with the younger robotics team, and i have now moved up to this team. so, it's a great way to get girls into s.t.e.m., and this gets them interested in the field. >> scouting also has a long tradition of service. to help other people is in the first line of the girl scout pledge. >> i taught boys and girls how to pitch a tent, how to build a fire, and how to tie knots, and all the camping skills. >> my project was entitled "dover kids say 'boo' to bullying." it was an anti-bullying program that i implemented at the local elementary school. >> those are just some of the many service projects that earned these 200 scouts a gold award. >> the gold award is the highest level of achievement that a girl can receive in girl scouting. it is the girl who has put in the most service hours, who has dedicated themselves to creating a project that is not just to get them into college, but a project that's gonna make a difference in their
Nov 3, 2012 1:00pm EDT
americas toothfairy dot org today. >> it's a bedtime story many of us grew up with -- "peter pan." but did you ever wonder how peter became the boy who wouldn't grow up? as emily reports, delighted audiences are finding out eight times a week, including twice on wednesdays and saturdays. >> when i was a boy, i wished i could fly. >> the play is called "peter and the starcatcher." it imagines a time when peter pan was a lonely orphan. while aboard a ship, he meets a girl named molly with a magical secret. >> i'm a starcatcher. [ magical tones ] we have special powers that we use in secret to keep starstuff away from tyrants who try to rule the world. >> the original story about peter pan was written by j.m. barrie in 1902, and it was written for adults. but the book became a children's classic, and this play is packing in the teens. >> oh, it was really, really funny. >> it was so creative, and i wanted to keep seeing more. >> it was just hilarious. >> i think it's perfect for teens, and some of the best people at the stage door have been teenagers. peter pan and my character are 13 years o
Nov 10, 2012 1:00pm EST
and visit a dentist regularly. to find out more visit americas toothfairy dot org today. >> in "speak of the week," it's your turn to tell us what you think. >> we've seen it happen. disaster strikes, like a hurricane. the authorities rescue the people, but often their pets get left behind. so, do you think tax dollars should be spent evacuating animals from disaster? >> i love animals. so i'm an animal lover. >> yes, 'cause i'm a vegetarian. so i should answer that question yes. >> i don't. i mean, personally, i'm all for animal rights, but i feel like there are a lot more pertinent issues than evacuating animals from disasters. >> although that is important, i don't think that should be the primary use of our tax dollars. >> um, if they're domestic animals, yes. if they're used for great, um -- great uses, such as maybe elephants in india or, um, horses in places that don't use engines and, um, vehicles such as tractors. >> i think tax dollars should be used for evacuating animals from disasters because animals don't exactly have the intelligence we do. so they can't really help the
Nov 10, 2012 1:30pm EST
, we're feeding america. >> it's one thing to play a video game, but it's a whole different learning experience to be able to create a video game. diyu met some students who are doing just that. >> well, my game is, basically, this guy has been robbed, and he comes home and he sees his house is a mess and his money's gone. and he's been left a ransom note, so he has to go all over. and he goes to the city to, like, defeat the robber and to get all of his money back. >> but the story is just the beginning. it takes s.t.e.m. to get things mong... that's why these students are part of a nationwide competition. >> the national s.t.e.m. video-game challenge was inspired by president obama's "educate to innovate" initiative with the hopes of calling folks' attention to the need for more science, technology, engineering, and math education in the country. >> the challenge is issued every year to students and teachers. they're going after recognition and prizes like computer equipment. >> today, you know, you're still working on your game. you have, essentially, until thursday. >> for some s
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)